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Benefits of combining training with affirmations

  • Affirmations combined with training stimulate positive change

Strength training brings about physical changes in your body: sculpted muscles and a shapely and slender figure. With a sustained affirmation, you also start to feel changes in your inner self, in your self-perception. And this translates into a noticeable improvement in your quality of life.

  • Affirmations together with training develop confidence

Perhaps the most noticeable effect of physical training is the immense improvement in self-confidence and self-acceptance. To complement this, through affirmations, you develop positive attitudes within yourself and perpetuate an optimistic attitude towards life. Combining both practices will allow you to exude self-confidence and build discipline in yourself. Finally, you will begin to skilfully realise exactly what you want in your life!

  • Physical strength supports mental strength

A progression in strength training increases your vitality and capacity and improves your fitness. As your physical strength increases, so does your mental strength. You experience a clearer impact on reality. Your power of manifestation grows. You consciously begin to gain confidence in your decision-making, and you strengthen your belief in the effectiveness of your actions.

  • Affirmations raise the vibration of the body and mind

A number of studies and observations have shown that pleasant emotional states such as contentment, love and joy strengthen the muscular response. An affirmation geared towards positive emotions and beliefs aimed at strengthening the mind also strengthens the body. It changes your vibration from low to high so that you begin to attract more opportunities and chances to succeed in life and experience abundance.

  • Training combined with affirmations facilitates the flow of inner energy

With the right physical training, accumulated energy can be used in a highly effective way. An affirmation containing a condensed dose of positive energy ensures that it flows more freely in your body, enhancing your creativity. This combination makes your vitality grow, with a substantial impact on reality.

  • Physical training will help you accept the content of the affirmation more easily

Physical training supports the formation of new neural connections and stimulates the production of endorphins, which means you can ‘reprogram’ your mind faster by learning new things. Endorphins improve your mood by making you more positive about life. In such favourable circumstances, the affirmation will be easier to understand, accept and implement in your life.

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