Positive affirmations for your workout

Did you know that you can bring mindfulness to the gym to get better results? You can use  affirmations! These are statements that have power to increase your motivation and enhance your training results. Repetition of positive phrases prompt your body to perform better during your workout. That’s why it’s a good solution to prepare a set of affirmations before going for a gym. Positive thinking is the proven way to go beyond your bodily limitations. Repetition of positive sentences about yourself will make your brain take it for granted. It has a really positive influence on your physical performance. That’s how affirmation work. So, why not take advantage of it every time you’re at the gym? 

Affirmations are an essential part of mindful fitness programming, positive body image and sports performance.

The bunch of affirmations that will boost your training performance

There are many researches that prove the power of positive self-talk on our performance in many aspects of lives. So, why not using during your training sessions? Here are the best examples of fitness affirmations that will help you achieve your goals at the gym:

  • Body positive affirmation

It will help you build a positive image of your body. Start by standing in front of the mirror and say aloud: I love my… (and here name the body part).

  • Strength affirmation that grows your strength 

Positive thinking can influence your self-confidence and, as a result, grow your strength and endurance. While working out, you can focus on your muscles and say: I am strong enough to do this… (here, you can name the particular activity). 

  • Reassuring affirmation 

Probably reassured yourself many times without being fully aware of that fact. Sentences, such as: I can do this, I do my best, etc. are something we intuitively repeat in our minds when we struggle with a hard task. This kind of affirmation will support you in achieving your goals and help not to give up. 

  • Breath control affirmation 

It is the great way to increase breath consciousness and relax after training. By repeating sentences like: I calm down and my breath slows down can help you to bring back your breath control after an intense workout. 

  • Nutrition affirmation

The way you eat has the meaning! So, there are also affirmations that can help you develop good habit while eating. They can impact the way your body intakes the nutrition, which translates into a better gym performance.  Hence, you can repeat to yourself: This food is like a fuel to my body – it gives me energy and re-vitalizes me.

How to take advantage of affirmation at the gym? 

Affirmation is the great strategy to boost your self-believe in the long run, as it switches your focus from the failures towards your strengths. The effect? Instead of concentrating on the things you can’t do, you start perceiving what you are able to perform. That’s why you can use affirmation as the motivational tool during your personal training sessions. You can also ask your trainer to say them aloud to you when facing crisis.