About Me

My name is Anna Kiwior

I am a certified fitness trainer and, above all, a woman with a wealth of experience who has been reborn through training and affirmations, allowing me to start a new, more connected life.

I’m here to show you how you can positively transform your life with strength training and affirmations.

Believe me, I know it’s not always easy. You won’t always have the time or the desire to train. We often carry the weight of our worries and burdens, crushing ourselves with their weight and relegating self-care to the background.

I myself have fought countless battles in my life. I have come out of some with a shield, others, not so much, but the lessons I have learned have allowed me to look at myself and my life from a new, broader perspective.

The strength training and the accompanying affirmations have activated the power within me. Authentic, life-affirming power, which, when constantly nurtured and developed, helped me to cope with a lack of self-confidence, exhaustion and a sense of hopelessness. This power enabled me to get back on my feet, find my path in life and courageously move forward, facing new challenges.

Now, I want to share this power with you through training plans and positive affirmations.

OK, but where do I get the time to do it? I have a job, a family…

As a trainer and mother of a child with special needs, I know all too well what a busy schedule and severely limited time are. I know you are busy, but at the same time, I want you to do something for yourself – and I emphasise: directly for yourself – through training and affirmation.

Based on my experience, I have prepared simple, effective, and relatively short workouts adapted to a dynamic lifestyle combined with clear affirmations. 
With their help, I want to awaken your strength and power – to live, act and grow. After following this programme, you will see a transformation in yourself. You will see a happy and fulfilled person who knows what they want from life and dares to enjoy its fruits.

How were the training plans developed?

I have analysed hundreds of workout plans, dug through even more instructional videos and concluded: none of them are made for me, an active woman.

Most were created for men or women with different training goals and objectives. And yet, not all of us have the time or regular access to a gym, and even less want to learn an excessive number of complex exercises.

Most plans didn’t take into account the daily responsibilities of an adult woman – work, family, children. After all, none of us can afford to make time-consuming visits to the gym 5 or 7 days a week!

I decided to create something new, better, and optimally tailored to the expectations of the active modern woman. Something that would be sustainable for personal development, health and well-being. This is how Eterness was born.

Draw from the depths of Eterness

Within Eterness, I want to teach you to train wisely and effectively by reinforcing positive transformation with affirmations. With concerted effort, persistence and consistency, you can and will make a breakthrough and lasting changes in your life. I want to teach you to unleash the power within you that will push you to self-realisation, fulfil your plans and achieve lasting success.

Welcome to Eterness, dear reader! Sit back, relax and prepare to be transformed by the benefits of choosing the right workout and wellness plan for you.

Have questions? Contact me!