Eternal Base

£ 39.00

Eternal Base in a nutshell

Perfect for: Advanced and Everyone Who Has Completed Eternal Motivate 2 Days, Eternal Motivate 3 Days or Eternal Progress Plan
Goal: Body Shaping With an Emphasis on the Lower Body
Areas trained: Leg and Gluteal Muscles
Training time: 40-55 minutes
Training format: E-BOOK and Video Tutorial
Equipment: Dumbbells



Do you want to set a strong foundation for building your lower muscle group? Or perhaps you’ve completed the Eternal Motivate 2 Days or Eternal Motivate 3 Days plan and want to advance your training?

Then, the Eternal Base training plan will be the best solution for you! This training plan effectively synthesises two training philosophies; it is based on the fundamental principles of full-body workouts and draws from exercises dedicated to specific muscle groups.

What will you achieve when choosing this training plan? You will build an athletic physique by stimulating growth and shaping and sculpting the legs and buttocks muscles.

The Eternal Base training plan allows you to complete your workout wherever you feel most comfortable since it is available in e-book format.

What are the benefits of the Eternal Base plan? 

  • Strong, firm and shapely body
  • Strengthened, perky bum
  • Slim and shapely legs, the visible outline of leg muscles without cellulite
  • Strong posture
  • The ability to improve the quality of your life
  • The ability to recognise and effectively use favourable circumstances in your life

What does our e-book include? You will have access to three training days where you perform basic, carefully selected exercises that engage the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Simple movements that, when done correctly, yield enticing results: a slim and slender silhouette. Each exercise is thoroughly explained on our website to enhance its effectiveness. You will also receive a video tutorial with tips on how to perform the exercises to obtain the best results possible.

It is strongly advised that you exercise on the days specified in the plan; however, if an emergency arises, you can shift your training to another day.

Do you want to effectively firm and build your lower muscle groups? Then, try not to miss any of the training sessions. Individual training days can be freely swapped with a minimum of a one-day break between training sessions.


Build your development on solid physical and mental foundations. Affirmations written with Eternal Base in mind will give you the lasting power to take the next steps in your life that were once only a distant dream but are now within your grasp!