Eternal Progress

£ 39.00

Eternal Progress in a nutshell

Perfect for: Everyone Who Has Completed Eternal Motivate 2 days or Eternal Motivate 3 days Plan.
Goal: Dynamic Sculpting Through Stimulation of all Muscle Groups
Areas trained: Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen, Back and Leg Muscles
Training time: 30-55 minutes
Training format: E-BOOK and Video Tutorial
Equipment: Dumbbells



Are you an experienced fitness lover looking for new stimuli to fuel your body’s harmonious growth and increase your training efficiency? Or perhaps you’ve completed the Eternal Motivate 2 days or Eternal Motivate 3 days plan and want to take your training to the next level?

If you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of the above, the Eternal Progress training plan will fulfil your needs. Exercises included in this plan will precisely target individual muscle groups, whether you want to increase muscle mass with a calorie surplus or reduce body fat with a calorie deficit.

The Eternal Progress training plan is a 3-day-a-week training plan involving the upper and lower body muscles. The plan satisfies the trainers’ expectations, accelerating observable progress for visible results.

What is the main advantage of the Eternal Progress training plan? If you are tied up with your daily duties and don’t have time for the gym, then don’t go! The Eternal Progress training plan is accessible in e-book format. That means you can exercise at home, in the gym… wherever works best for you!

What are the benefits of the Eternal Progress plan? 

  • A strong and fit body
  • More visible muscle definition
  • Reduction of the waist and thighs
  • Decreased body fat or increased lean muscle mass with the right nutrition strategy
  • Perseverance in achieving goals
  • Readiness to experience success in life

What does our e-book include? You will have access to three training days, each with five flexible and tailored exercises to stimulate muscle growth in the arms, chest, abdomen, back and legs. The training allows you to exercise each muscle from a different angle, which translates into tangible results in a slimmer silhouette, strong and sculpted muscles, and a cellulite-free body.

If you have some experience, then the exercises in this training plan will be intuitive for you; however, each exercise is thoroughly explained on our website to enhance its effectiveness. You will also receive a video tutorial with tips on how to perform the exercises with the maximum efficiency possible.

It is strongly advised that you exercise on the days specified in the plan; however, if an emergency arises, you can shift your training to another day.

Do you want to tone the whole body and help emphasise and outline individual muscle areas? Then, try not to miss any of the training sessions. Individual training days can be freely swapped with a minimum of a one-day break between training sessions.


Let your physical growth follow your daily life’s progress! Thanks to the affirmations in this training plan, you’ll have more energy for action, the ability to realise your plans, and the strength to manifest your needs.