Eternal Motivate 3 days

£ 29.00

Eternal Motivate 3 Days in a nutshell

Perfect for: Beginners
Goal: Uniform Development and Sculpting of the Entire Silhouette
Areas trained: Shoulders, Chest, Abdomen, Back and Leg Muscles
Training time: 30-45 minutes
Training format: E-BOOK and Video Tutorial
Equipment: Dumbbells



Do you want to form healthy habits that will become a lifestyle rather than just a temporary challenge?

Then, our Eternal Motivate 3 Days training plan is tailored to your needs! 

The Eternal Motivate 3 Days training plan is a full-body workout that, in a short amount of time, will beautifully tone up muscle mass and reduce body fat by engaging all the key muscle areas with a moderate effort.

Not a gymgoer? You can rest assured because the Eternal Motivate 3 Days training plan is designed to be completed at home and is available in e-book format. You can, however, do this training at the gym if you feel more motivated when surrounded by other people.

What are the benefits of the Eternal Motivate 3 Days plan? 

  • A strong and firm body
  • Preserve muscle mass while losing fat
  • Increase in muscle mass (with an appropriate nutritional strategy)
  • Improved posture
  • Increase resting metabolism rate
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Ability to implement appropriate actions in achieving goals

What does our e-book include? You will have access to three training days, each with five core exercises to sculpt the arms, chest, abdomen, back, and leg muscles. The exercises in this plan are simple; however, each exercise is thoroughly explained on our website to enhance its effectiveness. You will also receive a video tutorial with tips on how to perform the exercises correctly.

It is strongly advised that you exercise on the days specified in the plan; however, if an emergency arises, you can shift your training to another day.

Do you want to tone the whole body and help emphasise and outline individual muscle areas? Then, try not to miss any of the training sessions. Individual training days can be freely swapped with a minimum of a one-day break between training sessions.


The addition of mental training to your physical training will make you more motivated than ever before. The affirmations provided in the Eternal Motivate 3 Days training plan will assist you in taking courageous and decisive steps toward achieving life success. You will feel and believe that happiness and success are destined for you, and they will become an integral part of your life!