Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can add your own affirmations to the affirmations in the plan, or use only your own affirmations.

It depends on you. You can work with an affirmation for the duration of the training, or longer, until you feel it is sufficient.

Training plans are prepared for beginners and people with experience. If you are starting your adventure with strength training, I recommend Eternal Motivate 3 days, or if you want to exercise twice a week, the Eternal Motivate 2 days plan.
After completing one of the above programs, I recommend training that is already more advanced with an emphasis on the lower body, Eternal Base, or upper body, Eternal Core, or even the entire body with Eternal Progress. Regardless of which training you choose, after completing a given training, you can choose another, with an emphasis on the body parts that you want to improve.

The answer can be found in the description of the training plan. Depending on whether you choose to train at home or at the gym, these will most often be dumbbells, a mat and a training bench.

The plans differ in many elements, such as exercises, volume, difficulty and priorities.

The magic of the plans is that you decide for yourself — you can start training whenever you want, once you have access to the plan.

Each training session is scheduled for the appropriate number of weeks. After this time, if you can still see and feel the benefits of training, you can continue with the plan.

Each exercise is described and you also have access to video. If you still do not understand something or have other questions, please email me at .

No. In this case, I encourage you to contact your doctor or physiotherapist first.

You have lifetime access to your plan.

First, check your mail for spam. If you still haven’t received anything, please write to .

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on digital products, e.g., PDFs

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